With a cool RnB groove and breakthrough modern pop production ‘Olivia Rees’ drops her amazing debut album ‘Exposed’

The path to a flower life is not a bed of roses but a risky road that governs to beautiful destinations assessing the fact that when this voyage proceeds with someone by your side, memories bloom that persist engraved in your heart for a lifetime. This partner can only be Olivia Rees who plunge the oath of residing by your side with the power of music, delivering sentimental majestic harmonies that recite along with the mind and beside with soul.

Olivia is a forthcoming blasting artist, the only name you need to know that will give your fantasies vastest aspiration and something to listen to and pertain yourself to. Although, Olivia Rees is a fresh artist who already unleashed her potential by honouring the fans with collaborations with insanely distinguished acts such as “L.A. rapper Mr. D.M.A., as well as his brother Eddy Roze (sons of Gilbert Rozon, founder of acclaimed Canadian series “Just for Laughs”)” and her debut album with Cleveland sounds lab, at precisely the age of 24 compelling the fans to wonder how terrific her debut will be. Well lucky for you the debut is succeeding towards you to snatch your hearts. Simply astonishing. Right?

Want some music that you could listen in the darkest of time?

Then you’ve come to the perfect place finally. Despite being the prey of abuse and torture, this prompting teen was inclined to unravel the wings of outset and loving yourself theme out there to the world with songs like “Darker Night” and “Trust Issues” hugging those who no longer wanted to be comforted while scattering the warmness of sovereignty and divine bliss, propelling herself the inspirational figures for countless victims that they can drift using capability as their wings and attain a place elevated in the sky just like a star which radiates its shining treasure when placed in the darkness and gloominess.

Whether it’s a lit party with your friends or a long trip on a highway with your loved one hand in hand with each other, the playlist of Olivia Rees with songs like “Leave it Alone” along with some veritable party tracks, like “Sugar and Spice” is the precise combo to get you up and grooving to the beats. Just imagine R&B influenced songs like “Fast when I’m furious (feat Mr DMA)” with a sprinkle of Hip-hop mixing the interrelated genre literally a heaven with no barriers provoking the edginess to the regular pop and unique style appealing audience around the globe with no gender difference rendering you crave for more and more.

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What could be more alluring than the name Olivia Rees, a singer, songwriter, guitarist and a musical prodigy who is offering the best of the best while achieving that dream of hers of evolving as an inspiring personality that could govern others out the gloominess by granting them a purpose to pursue and a dream to achieve. That’s all for today about Olivia who we are sure have already made you bias wrecked as the artist who will alter the world for the better.