‘Luca Draccar’ drops a groovy niche deep house sound on new EP ‘Flamboyant’

‘Luca Draccar’ drops a groovy niche deep house sound on new EP ‘Flamboyant’

The Berlin-based producer Luca Draccar totes an exquisite taste for creating exotic and inventive soundscapes. As a wizard of dark techno, Luca is sure to deliver a musical experience that is bound to open up the listener’s mind to a new dimension of sonic artistry, as we find is the case with Luca Draccar’s new EP titled Flamboyant.

Flamboyant is an extravagant 3-track offering that encompasses a liquid safari of ecstatic EDM grooves that will keep you thirsting for more. Flamboyant opens with the racy track Birba. This stylized rhythm starts with s fierce melodic beat that evolves into a more sophisticated and soulful dance track. Birba incorporates elements of both organic and electronic instrumentation that gives this particular selection a crisp and warm vibe.

The next track, Every Exit Is An Entrance, possesses a strong nocturnal flare that is further enhanced by synthesized effects and hypnotic drum sequences.

Every Exit Is An Entrance’s upbeat rhythm and throbbing bass is the perfect fusion to keep Luca’s audience on the edge of their seats.

Flamboyant concludes with the masterfully produced track Never Settle. The track’s title gives us a clear vision of Luca’s approach this superb dance composition. Never Settle’s serpentine bassline adds a procuring depth to this moving production.

Flamboyant by Luca Draccar is a pure masterpiece. Luca’s taste for musical innovation is the driving force behind another legendary collection of music.

Flamboyant is a daring production that fulfills every boundary of the electronic dance music realm. Cheers!

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