Sonic Fusion at Its Finest: DJ Self Born’s ‘A Ride With Chev Chelios’ Takes You on a thrilling Journey.

Sonic Fusion at Its Finest: DJ Self Born’s ‘A Ride With Chev Chelios’ Takes You on a thrilling Journey.

DJ SELF BORN is back with a thrilling new release “A Ride With Chev Chelios”. Get ready for a sonic adventure like no other as this rap and Hip-Hop album intertwines with soulful jazz influences. With bass-heavy production that hits you like a thunderous wave and jaw-dropping drops that leave you breathless, it’s a masterpiece that unites the world’s top rappers and artists in an irresistible musical tapestry.

DJ Self Born’s previous projects include “Heaven Is A Studio, God Is A DJ”, “Bigger Than Rap Music”, “Rich Plug, Poor Plug”, “The Sky-Cave Kid Superhero Adventures” and “I’m Not O.C.D., Everything Just Has To Be Perfect”. Each project has received critical acclaim and has been featured in various music publications.

Embark on an electrifying auditory escapade with “A Ride With Chev Chelios,” the groundbreaking album crafted by the one and only DJ Self Born. This awe-inspiring opus draws its inspiration from the adrenaline-soaked film “Crank,” intertwining its high-octane essence with the pulsating beats and infectious melodies that define DJ Self Born’s unique style.

In a parallel to the film’s protagonist, Chev Chelios, DJ Self Born finds himself injected with an extraordinary force, a surge of music that becomes his lifeblood. To survive and keep the rhythm coursing through his veins, DJ Self Born must relentlessly create music, propelling himself forward in an unstoppable pursuit of sonic euphoria.

Featuring a formidable lineup of visionary artists, including Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Benny The Butcher, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Freddie Gibbs, Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, Black Thought, Nipsey Hussle, Nas, EPMD, and Eminem, the album unites their exceptional talents with DJ Self Born’s boundary-pushing production.

DJ SELF BORN is more than just a mixmaster extraordinaire. He is also a gifted music producer and the proud owner of the legendary Love/Hate DJ Bar, formerly gracing the vibrant shores of South Beach. Transforming his beloved establishment into a traveling “pop-up” event, he continues to spread his passion for music across different locations, leaving a trail of euphoric crowds in his wake.

In 2020, DJ SELF BORN reunited with the legendary Chicago group and long-time friends, Abstract Mindstate. The collaborative effort led to the creation of their album “Dreams Still Inspire,” where DJ SELF BORN teamed up with Kanye West as the producer. With Kanye handling the production of all the tracks and DJ SELF BORN adding his signature scratches, the album came to life in a remarkable way.

The incredible new release “A Ride With Chev Chelios” from DJ Self Born is out now.


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