Laetitia Sam’s presents, “Redemption”

Laetitia Sam‘s latest single, “Redemption,” showcases her impressive vocal prowess and the depth of her lyrical expression. The track is a compelling entry in her discography, marked by introspective lyrics and the clear, powerful delivery of her …


GROOVE MAG BEST NEW ROCK BEATS: A big groove and Indie beat sound has arrived as Irish rock star Dar.Ra unleashes a mighty powerful drum and voice odyssey that reflects the state of society on new single ‘The Beat’ – Hear it and Dar.Ra on London FM Digital Radio at 9 A.M everyday

 We live in a rapidly changing world, where the progress of society should be measured on the happiness and wellbeing of its citizens, rather than the pockets of the few.

We see countless billions spent on missiles and defence of …


Dracla – Dracla

Artist: Dracla

Album: Dracla

Released: 2018

Style: Hard Rock

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 95 Mb

01 – Hell
02 – Moon Minute
03 – 2 Wycked
04 – Once Bitten
05 – Double Dragons
06 – Dogs
07 – …