Groove Mag Recommends: Veluzz touches back down with uplifting EDM track, ’Believe’

Following on from a wave of recent releases, it’s now the turn of ‘Believe’ to take centre stage – as Spanish producer Veluzz delivers another dose of feel good electronica.

His steady roll of studio outputs show no signs of slowing. With previous single ‘Hail Mary’ dropped earlier this year, 2018 also saw Veluzz fire up a number of cuts – including ‘Show You’, ‘Tomorrow’ & ‘Sleepaway’.

Veluzz - Press Image

Now as Veluzz steps back into the ring with his latest offering, The original track entitled, ‘Believe’ captures much of his trademark sound, while complimented by a more upfront & club focused mix.

Set to light up over the coming weeks – ‘Believe’ as Veluzz’s beat goes firmly on.  Hold tight.

Check out ‘Believe’

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