Join the Party with Miami based Hip Hop legend ‘Mkenzie a.k.a Untamed’ with new single ‘It’s a Party’

McKenzie Corporal a.k.a Untamed is an alternative Hip Hop artist born and raised in Miami Dade County.

Untamed was originally a 4 piece band by the name of C.B.G. (Crowned to Be Great).
After the passing of one of their members Charlie Bell (aka Scoot), McKenzie remained steadfast and continued his musical quest.

Meeting D.C. Bryant at a Miami, Florida open mic night lead to Bryant giving Untamed the edge he needed.
D.C.Bryant began to develop ‘Untamed’ leading to a new sound with a powerful live band launching the new Sound of Untamed.

The brand new EP from Untamed is entitled “First Day of Summer” and features the singles ‘Get Loose’ and ‘It’s a Party’.

Get Loose is a high energy pop rock track with hip hop lyrics on top with great Radio and dance appeal and ‘It’s a party’ is an uplifting, anthemic, alternative hip hop/rock/rap track.

McKenzie says “First day of Summer has a great introduction and is a good example of the versatility of Untamed. Untamed’s harmonies and lyrics are very well written and performed”.

The EP ‘First day of Summer’ is out now and was produced by Nome of Trifekta Studios in Hollywood, USA.

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