Twenty-two-year-old ‘Presto’ drops a banging tune that will hypnotise you with it’s infectious laid-back pop vibe!

Twenty-two-year-old ‘Presto’ drops a banging tune that will hypnotise you with it’s infectious laid-back pop vibe – Groove Mag UK

What do Political Science and Music have in common? Bet you didn’t see that one coming, but I promise you it’s an exciting answer. Can’t guess it? That’s alright. It’s Presto X.

That’s right, Presto X, also known as Prince Young, is an up-and-coming young musician, hailing from the very heart of the wonderfully musical city of Chicago, and he’s coming at us with his latest pop track, “My Way”.

Twenty-two-year-old Presto’s excitement and passion for making quality music can be heard in every beat of the song. With its’ catchy nature and its’ smooth, simplistic lyrics, “My Way” is the sort of track that just gets stuck in your head that goes heavy on the auto-tune. And while for some songs, that can mean instant failure, for Presto’s recent hit, it works wonders, complimenting his flowing, melodic voice and the repetitive nature of the song itself.

My Way” makes you think of the sound of waves breaking on the shore, and like the waves of the sea or the ocean, it manages to put you at ease, and helps you relax after a long day, trusting that everything will be alright.

But okay, I can see you fidgeting in your chair, still wanting to know what Political Science has to do with it. Right then, I’ll tell you. Presto’s story is about finding your way. As a young man, fresh outta high school, he dedicated the next few years of his life to the study of Political Science, graduating with an Associate’s Degree in the subject before realizing that it wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

And so, Presto took a leap of faith and left the relatively safe confines of a more classic career, and chose to pursue his one true passion, which, as it turned out, was music. In the one short year he’s been doing this, Presto has garnered critical acclaim and his following grows by the second.

Getting back to the song, “My Way” mirrors Presto’s own story, in a way, since it’s a song about escaping, with your loved one, of breaking free, which is exactly what Presto has done, in following his passion and obvious talent.

Following up the song “Unexpected”, another little gem, “My Way” strengthens Presto X’s position as an up-and-coming young artist, deeply inspired by a wealth of genres, from pop to hip hop.







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