10/10 for the The Swirlers and red hot new single ‘Foreal’

The Swirlers intervene with a second universal swing of an audio and visual transmission called “FOREAL”, sent from 864.3 light years away on Planet Playa Playa. These original side steppers birth an unquestionably distinctive sound centred around their fix ethos of “staying loyal to the groove”. 10/10

The Afro-Caribbean and English trio join forces with intuitive content providers/directors Myriad Odyssey (@myriadodyssey) for a genuinely vivacious visual experience. The artwork has been labelled by the providers as a “four-cornered collaboration” captured by photographer Lennon Gregory (@lennon_gregory), illustrated by The Engineer (@theeasternone), brought to life by dancer Rosalie Bell (@rpearceb) and styled by FYPM Brixton (@fypmbrixton).


Trippy dreamy beats, spacey synths and an infectious vocal that embeds itself into your memory rendering it impossible not to sing a long and tell all of your friends. Melodic and full of swagger these guys know how to party check out the cool new video. The Swirlers will release this great single on 16 July 2017.

The Swirlers Online:




Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgtY559yZN4&t=10s

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