Swervin (feat. 6ix9ine) – A Boogie wit da Hoodie

In the three years leading up to Hoodie SZN, Bronx rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie (né Artist Dubose) released Artist, The Bigger Artist, and International Artist. Since he broke the naming convention for Hoodie SZN, one might conclude that A Boogie is finished explaining who he is, but according to him, Hoodie SZN is simply another chapter in his biography. “In the beginning, Artist came out on some heartbroken s**t,” he tells Apple Music. “A Boogie, he’s still got some of that in him, but when it comes to Hoodie SZN, it’s straight street. It’s a balance of street and love in your life.”

The album features A Boogie weaving in and out of these personas to talk about the newfound stresses of life as a star (“Voices in My Head”), putting on for The Bronx and New York City as a whole (“Beasty”), and, of course, how dealing with untrustworthy women has hardened him as a lover (“Skeezers”). He’s also experimenting with styles, alternating between his highest and lowest registers on “Bosses and Workers” and adopting Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” cadence for “Look Back at It.” “‘Remember the Time’ and ‘You Rock My World’ was two of my favorite songs from him,” A Boogie says, “so even if I wasn’t able to clear it, I always wanted to sample a song of his and rap about me. It took a whole year, but luckily I got a chance to clear it, so shout out to Michael Jackson’s team.”

On the local side, A Boogie draws influence from Highbridge labelmates Don Q and Trap Manny, as well as 6ix9ine, a rapper he shares a bona fide hit with in “KEKE.” “New York is what New York is—it’s all over the place,” A Boogie says of his city’s influence. “But I’m at a point right now where I feel like I am New York. I’m New York’s sound.”

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