Superstar singer ‘LYZZIE’ releases new video for single ‘GRAVEYARD’

GRAVEYARD by Lyzzie is the newest single to take over the pop scene. The track has a dark twist to the sound and rhythm which in many ways resembles some of the iconic artists that Lyzzie has been inspired by, including The CHVRCHES and Billie Eilish. The unique lyrics along with the incredible melodies help establish Lyzzie as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists.

Her music is clearly made as a way of expressing some of the deepest emotions that she has experienced. This for her is a powerful tool that she is looking to share with the world through the songs she is realizing. Despite her young years, Lyzzie has had many years of experience in writing songs. At the age of 11, after an injury that took her out of gymnastics, she began letting out all of her energy by writing music. This was her helper and guide throughout her life and eventually, she earned a scholarship to the School of Rock in Markham. It was there that she honed her musical abilities further and began pursuing music more seriously.

While her first steps in the music industry were as part of a band, she is now ready to pursue this career as a solo artist and her new EP is an exceptional introduction to her musical abilities.