Rocky Writer Releases new single ‘Energy True’

When it comes to musical talent, few artists can offer quite the same resume or expertise as Rocky Writer. As an up-and-coming artist, her songs are uniquely alluring, and each time you play her music, you’ll find yourself coming back to learn more. In short – we’re hooked, and we’re sure anyone who listens to her music will also find themselves in a similar position!

Born in New Jersey and raised in Brooklyn, New York, her unique combination of sounds and inspirations from around the world have absolutely contributed to her growing success and wide base of fans; moreover, her songs offer a unique appeal that’s likely the result of this wide array of influences, and surely goes to show the overall strength of the Hip Hop genre to bring together cultures and sounds.

One of Rocky Writer’s music’s most unique features absolutely has to be her inclusion of creative and unique healing instruments, something that shines through strongly and helps her songs appeal to a wide audience. Each song is captivating and leaves listeners feeling intrigued about the lyrics, genuinely pulling listeners into the song in a way that few other styles can achieve.

In short, Rocky Writer’s music is undeniably captivating and enthralling, blending some of the most unique global influences with healing instruments that help ensure every listener, regardless of background or experiences, can resonate with the music. This is likely one of the biggest influences on the success of her songs, and her latest release, “Energy True,” is just one such example of her excellent success overall.