Paid in Exposure – NateWantsToBattle

Name in progress

YouTube has become the go-to talent show on the internet where creative people do what they do best for a chance at some recognition. And out of all the musicians the website has hosted, NateWantsToBattle has proven that he can stand toe-to-toe with mainstream musicains. From a teen with a really emo haircut to the owner of Give Heart Records, Nate’s uphill battle was well worth the effort!

As someone who understands the formula for fluid songwriting, Nate is able to create easily accessible alternative songs that are simple to understand and fun to enjoy. Songs like “Take Me Anywhere” is a prime example of this as the mellow buildup leads to a soaring chorus that evokes a sense of adventure. The emo Brendon Urie is also one to demonstrate his defined vocals and distinct voice. And lyrically, Nate is able to show his poetic vision with grace and sincerity, proving that hard work was put into the words he speaks.

NateWantsToBattle continues to challenge the capablilities of indenpendent songwriters thanks to his ability to grasp the concept of how to make a good song. To ignore his original works like this one would be a crime.

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