New single ‘Pop My Shit’ from ‘D like Money’ feat ‘CE Ca$h’ is produced by AstroBeatz

New single ‘Pop My Shit’ from ‘D like Money’ feat ‘CE Ca$h’ is produced by AstroBeatz

With a rapidly growing reputation, Atlanta-based CEO, rapper, and producer D like Money is now firmly on the path to achieving his wildest musical dreams. His debut offering, ‘Pop My Shit’, saw him team up with CE Ca$h to deliver a braggadocious, high-octane rap track guaranteed to hype up parties, clubs and events of all sizes.

Released on his own imprint TrueGang Entertainment, ‘Pop My Shit’ was produced by AstroBeatz and dropped at the back end of 2021. A fiery first release that signposted all of his latent potential, D like Money’s signature mumble rap style is contrasted against his explosive and fluid delivery that grabs your attention from the first bar to the last. 

“This latest single is about letting people know I’m back and I’m grinding 10x harder than I did before. I’m not letting anything stop me”.D like Money

With music as his shield that allows him to translate his darkest thoughts into words, Atlanta-based CEO, rapper, and producer D like Money is now firmly on the road to achieving his wildest dreams. Having come through his own fair share of trials and tribulations, the South Carolina native has transcended criticism, constructively morphing it into motivation to kickstart the glistening journey he now finds himself on.

Drawing influence from a diverse range of hip-hop and rap influences including Pooh, Bigwalkdog, Lil Nas, Meek Mill, and DMX, D like Money’s high-octane and free-flowing approach to rap music sits right at home in America’s hip-hop capital. D like Money’s move to Atlanta in 2018 marked a new episode in his musical career, hitting the studio soon after his move to record his debut single ‘Too Hot’.

Growing up, others mocked his musical dream, however he ignored the naysayers and has forever maintained his position of realizing his vision of attaining hip-hop stardom. Why? Because a mentality of overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles and proving others wrong had been instilled in the rapper from birth.

Having lived with cerebral palsy, it seems that the Atlanta-based artist was born to overturn any odds, no matter how high they were stacked against him. While doctors told his parents that D like Money would never walk or talk, the rising star now finds himself moving with a swagger and rapping with a confidence, maturity, and expert delivery that seemed simply impossible just twenty years ago.

It’s this refusal to quit that’ll see D like Money achieve whatever he puts his mind to in this industry. With dreams of running a record label, owning studios across the country, and having his music heard across the world, D like Money has only scratched the surface of what’s capable.

With an ever growing pool of music and a burgeoning reputation growing at the same pace, D like Money’s potential in the industry appears boundless. Feeling blessed with his God given talent, he now aims to make his family, friends, and fans proud of the work he puts out in the world. 




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