Nashville-based Pop recording artist ‘Juliana Hale’ has released her latest single “One Last Time.”

Nashville-based Pop recording artist Juliana Hale has released her latest single “One Last Time.” The upbeat summer bop will keep you moving with its danceable house production. Juliana describes it as a “blend of harmonies and nostalgic lyrics that will bring you back to young love and carefree times.”

Produced by Grammy Award Winning producer Jared Lee Gosselin and Nick Morzov for ADIO Media Group, “One Last Time” is a song that everyone can relate to. Written by Juliana Hale and Rama Duke, the song tackles young love, and how it sometimes is not easy to just move on from your first love.

Juliana says, “I don’t think you ever stop thinking about your first love. When you see them again, you forget everything that went wrong, and you ask yourself if it would really be so bad to go back to that person. You say every time is the ‘last time’ but it never really is. You stay in a constant battle with your common sense and your heart.”

jULIANNA Cover Art

Overall, Juliana Hale hopes listeners will let the music take them away to a time where they can be with their friends, reminisce about that special someone, and most importantly, enjoy the summer nights dancing along.


“One Last Time” is available on all streaming platforms: