Mike Izon Brings out ‘Summer Days are here again’

Mike Izon Brings out ‘Summer Days are here again’

Are you a big fan of Island Pop? Have you been dying to listen to something new from this eclectic genre but have been unable to find anything that satisfies your need? Well, lucky for you, Mike Izon just released a hit new single that will definitely scratch your Island Pop itch! With breezy twangy guitar chords and smooth vocals, “Summer Days Are Here Again” will make you feel like you’re surfing some waves and living the island life in no time. With clear influences from other Island Pop artists, Izon’s new hit single will carry you across nostalgic waves of relaxation.

You may have heard of Mike Izon before, and with good reason! Mike has been successfully performing nationally and internationally for over 15 years. He’s had two major hit singles to date, both released in 2019. The first is “Purple Haze,” which was followed closely by “Brown Sugar Girl.” He’s also won a slew of various music awards across the world. He has often thanked his friends and family for their support and love in his music endeavors.

Let’s take a look back at Izon’s music journey. His love for music started in grade school, when he taught himself how to play the ukulele at just eight years of age. Later, he picked up the trumpet and drums, followed by the French horn in high school. It was not until after he graduated from school that he picked up the guitar and paired it with phenomenal vocals. He went on to play live music all over Hawaii, winning various music awards from different venues and competitions.

Soon, Izon was playing all over the world, even performing at the MNET Asian Music Awards Red Carpet Ceremony in Hong Kong. When he returned to Hawaii, he won yet another music award at the Hawaii Stars Awards in 2013. He’s not stopping there though. He aims to one day win a Grammy, too! With such a stacked repertoire, it should be easy to believe that this young singer really is a rising star in the music industry!

Now post Covid, Izon aims to bring some joy and relaxation back to a beleaguered world, and he intends to do this with his music. He’s got a unique sound, definitely influenced by Island Pop, but also mixing in some elements of other genres, including Reggae, Jazz, Country, and Rock. With a soulful voice and notes full of emotion, this is a single that will be hard to forget!