Janine Elliot releases new album ‘Boxed in’ and talks to Groove Mag in an exclusive interview

Janine Elliot began playing the piano from the very early age of 4 and started having lessons at the age of 5  also later taking up violin  viola  oboe and composition and winning numerous competitions around the South East of England during her youth.

As an adult she has won competitions for music composition in the UK and abroad. She now plays some 25 instruments  and performs all the instruments in her albums.

She studied for B.Mus and later M.A in electro-acoustic music at Birmingham University  leading to a long career at BBC Radio working as a sound engineer. She has also worked as a classroom teacher and as a music teacher of piano  violin  cello  oboe  guitar  drums and voice.

She has written a total of 51 albums, argely ambient and electronica, some of which have been used as theme tunes for radio or in film productions.

This new album ‘Boxed in’ is about 21st century life and looks at the pros and cons of a 21st century existence.

Boxed In

The album ‘Boxed in’ features the melodic single ‘Bright Lights’ and is out on 12 June 2017 with distribution from Universal Music Operations worldwide.

All the music is written  performed and sound engineered by Janine.


How would you describe your sound ?

My music is very varied. It mixes orchestral, electronica, pop and ambient idioms, with very emotional poetry, fusing a link between music and words. My music describes my thoughts and experiences.

What is your new album about and where did the inspiration come from ?

Boxed In’ is an album about the pros and cons of a 21st Century existence. Sometimes we can feel boxed in by all the stress of daily life, and my music is a sketchpad of people’s lives, including my own.  The opening track “Boxes” is about putting thoughts into a box so you can forget all about them and continue getting on with living.

How often and for how long do you practice ?

As a child I used to spend over 2 hours a day practicing. Now I am playing or singing most of the day, as I work as a music teacher. Only since I left the BBC have a reignited my yearning to make it as a musician, composer and performer. I have a classical music recital in June, so lots of practice every day!

How do you balance your music with other life obligations  ?

Now single, I have no problems, and as I work in the music business that makes it all the easier. I have two grown up children.

 Do you write your own songs ?

I write all my own music and words.

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