Groovemag Interview with international music producer Kevin Gani

Groovemag Interview with international music producer Kevin Gani

Kevin Gani is a multi-genre music producer and artist, based in London. His connection to music began in childhood, inspired by his father and brother to play bass guitar, drums and keyboard. Travelling extensively and living in different cultures, including South Africa, Russia and the USA, influenced Kevin’s passion for such a vast range of musical genres. Recent projects include executive production on Bugzy Malone’s latest album, executive production on Kenny Allstar’s debut album and working with some of the UK’s biggest talents, including M Huncho, Bugzy Malone and Chip.


Hi Kevin Gani! How are you?

Hey! I’m doing great! Thank you for inviting me onto this platform, I truly appreciate your support!

Where are you from?

I was raised in Kansas City (Missouri), born in a Botswana (Southern Africa), then lived in various other countries, included studying in Russia and Britain to postgraduate level.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

As a multi-genre producer and artist, I’m inspired by so many different music genres and artists within them. Lo-fi is one genre that has greatly influenced me. It really connect with this music personally and how it makes you feel – they will always be parts in there that make you feel something. I love making beats and instruments and lo-fi has contributed to a lot of the music that I make today and the general sound of my productions.

Shiloh Dynasty is a lo-fi singer and guitarist who I have the greatest respect for. He has been sampled by XXXTentacion and really drove their sound. His music has touched my soul and truly inspired me. How his music makes me feel – I put that feeling into my own music to create emotion. Another inspiration is Noah Shebib, also known as 40. From listening to his production, it’s inspired me to use similar techniques in my own production.

.What are the challenges of being a Producer-Artist?

The biggest challenge is being in constant competition with myself, to meet my own expectations and the expectations of my fans. This applies to everything I do, in both music production and anything I create as an artist. I think when any creative is really dedicated to their art, they are going to constantly push themselves to keep growing and improve with every release they put out. Most of that pressure we create for ourselves, and within that self-imposed pressure, there is also an opportunity for us to learn how to create without fear or pressure getting the better of us. Finding the balance between pushing yourself to a healthy level, without it negatively impacting you is the key. What are three words that describe your music?

Emotional, soulful, relatable

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

I have a couple great songs on the way, its just all about timing right now…. But follow my socials for updates!