From the same block as Akon and Outlawz, Jersey USA’s ‘MoonChildJohnny’ launches a satellite to the moon as he hits the the scene with the dope ‘Anxiety EP’

MoonChildJohnny is a rising Hip-Hop artist, producer, rapper and You Tuber from Jersey, United States.

Jersey borders the north and east by the state of New York and has delivered many R&B, Rap and Urban global music legends like Lauryn Hill, Akon, Outlawz, The Sugarhill Gang and more.

MoonChildJohnny drops a radical new E.P entitled ‘Anxiety’ on Past12Productions. 

When asked about the motivation and inspiration behind the release and his intergalactic musical vision, MoonChildJohnny said I’m just that kid that loves the moon”.

As well as producing hot music, MoonChildJohnny is also a You Tuber with his interstellar and far reaching #MoonSquad

Recently commenting on his creative process, MoonChildJohnny said I want to have fun creating and expressing who I really am to others through what I love. The moon and people around me inspire me to share my stories”.

The ‘Anxiety EP’ from MoonChildJohnny features 4 dope tracks: Anxiety (feat. Ashlei Watson), Purpose, cherry blossoms (桜の花) and  Circles (feat. Daman((I)))

This E.P has an overall dreamy, majestic, epic, well produced and inventive feel. MoonChildJohnny spits efficient and distinctive bars with attitude that tell a true story over an experimental and creative backdrop.

The large dreamy and well produced production and stellar beats are accompanied by beautiful smooth lush vocals, samples, beats and radical to life raps.

This really does take you on a cool artistic dope journey to the moon. While Telling a True Grit Story.

When asked about his spirituality, MoonChildJohnny said “I do believe in higher power, but I also believe we have a lot more power than we think as well”.

It’s okay to be weird.  It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be anything as long as you remain true to who you are.

Moonchildjohnny just released a new EP named “Anxiety!” Check it out!