From Pickup Lines to Love Declarations: Who’Me?’s ‘What’s Your Sign’ Delivers an exceptional Afrobeat Auditory Journey

From Pickup Lines to Love Declarations: Who’Me?’s ‘What’s Your Sign’ Delivers an exceptional Afrobeat Auditory Journey

Who’Me?’s latest release, “What’s Your Sign” ignites the Afrobeats scene with its infectious energy. Known for crafting music that exudes positivity and good vibes, Who’Me? draws inspiration from the universal frequencies that bind us all. Through his art, he celebrates his culture and uplifts people from every corner of the globe. He firmly believes that love is the most powerful force on our planet, and he harnesses its potency to convey messages that deeply resonate with both his audience and the ladies, creating an auditory journey that is bound to captivate and elevate spirits.

But what’s the story behind “What’s Your Sign”?

“What’s Your Sign’ serves as a playful icebreaker within the song—a starting point for connection. However, as you get to know the person, uncertainty about whether they’re the one for you creeps in. Nevertheless, you express your willingness to wait and discover. You open up about your feelings, acknowledging that after some time and exploration, you can’t imagine your life without them.”

What inspires your musical creations?

“My music is driven by a single principle: spreading good vibes. I draw my inspiration from the universal energies that envelop us, with a goal to celebrate my culture and embrace people from all corners of the world. Love, in my eyes, stands as the most extraordinary force our planet possesses. It possesses the remarkable ability to heal and instantly transform minds and hearts. When love fills the air, it brings a sense of tranquility and peace. By living through love, you can shield yourself from the negative forces that seek to breed hatred. My songs explore themes of love, fun, sensuality, passion, and happiness—all the beautiful facets of life. I express the desires of both men and women, sharing what they yearn to hear and need in their lives.”

Experience the enchantment of Who’Me?’s sensational new Afrobeats single, “What’s Your Sign” available now on all major platforms. Join the journey of love, joy, and connection through the magic of music.


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