“Dancer” by ‘Candy from strangers’ is a unique blend of music based on the genres of dance, soul and pop music

Candy from strangers announced the release of their debut single “Dancer

Los Angeles, CA, and 8th August 2019: Musician, actor and model Danni Holland & Jay “Trew” Crockett, a.k.a Candy from strangers has announced the launch of their debut single ‘Dancer’. The song is produced by soulplusmind.

Dancer” is out now across the world on all the digital music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and more.

In the dance friendly melodic track, the artists have taken his inspiration from diverse life events and influences on another level.

Dancer” is a unique blend of music based on the genres of dance, soul, pop music, creating a single balance of ecstatic music backed by tremendous lyricism.

As a diverse independent artist, Trew has been featured as an actor in a commercial that won a Telly award. Most of his catalogue has now been placed in several movies and television shows.

Danni began her career in the industry as a model where she booked a number of print and commercial campaigns.

She eventually turned to acting and has worked on various television and film projects including HBO’s The Deuce, ABC’s Quantico, Showtime’s Billions and New Line Cinema’s The Kitchen. In 2018 she began collaborating with her long-time friend and musician Jay Crockett and in the spring of 2019, the two formed the group candy from strangers.

Their diverse music style presents a cross-genre blend of pop, hip hop and trance elements. Their first EP is scheduled to release in fall of 2019.


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