‘Carole Avrile’ showcases scenic visuals in her music video ‘Toi’ released on Hemisphere productions

Carole Avrile showcases scenic visuals in her music video ‘Toi,’ exploring the life of an artist and musician who is dedicated to her craft and detailing each aspect of the journey.

From the corner, to the studio with backing musicians and engineers, to the stage and to a beautiful scenic landscape on horseback ‘Toi’ is visually stunning.

A proper counterpart for an upbeat yet hypnotic single, strumming guitar – seemingly played in leisure on a stoop – mixed with horns and strings expands the song into areas that are prestige and grand.

The video’s atmosphere compliments Carole Avrile’s flawless vocal delivery and performance.

‘Toi’ is a fitting visual representation of this artist’s all encompassing journey.

Check out the music video below: