Bold, strong, and compassionate, ‘Sunny Bleau and the Moons’ release new single ‘Winning

Bold, strong, and compassionate, ‘Sunny Bleau and the Moons’ release new single ‘Winning

The new single from Sunny Bleau and the Moons is entitled ‘Winning‘ and is about having the strength to end a bad relationship and knowing that you will come out better on the other side!

She’s been compared to some of the strongest female vocalists in the music industry including Ann Wilson, Stevie Nicks and Cher. The compliments at time are a little hard for her to accept, but she smiles and says thank you. Being compared to rock legends of that caliber is quite humbling, even for the bold and beautiful Sunny Bleau.

“I suppose I should take those kind of compliments to heart,” says Kelly Day, the singer-songwriter who moonlights as Sunny Bleau. “When the haters come, their words will sting. It will be important for me to hold on to all the love and positivity I can, because that’s what Sunny Bleau is all about.”

When Day and her song-writing partner and Music Producer, Nicholas A. Cocco, began talking about a stage show, they envisioned a woman who looked at life through rose colored glasses; a woman who saw the glass as half full and was always ready to have a good time. Sunny lives in an imaginary utopia where love and acceptance flow like honey and carbohydrates and proteins are served at every meal!

“In a lot of ways, I envy Sunny,” says Day. “She‘s bold, strong, and compassionate. She embraces her body and isn’t afraid of her curves. When she performs, Sunny leaves it all on the stage. She’s just in the moment and her whole reason for being there is to entertain. She isn’t intimidated by what people think of her. She is who she is, and it’s her mission to just love people.” It’s Sunny Bleau’s positive, warm, playful, to-hell with-it attitude that has fans wanting to see her. She creates an environment of acceptance and love; something the world could use more of in Day’s opinion: “I think our country is a lot less divided than some would make us think. I think the arts, especially music, is a great way to unify people.”

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