Bamboozle unleash a hot retro E.P in Red Right Hand–Groove Magazine Review 10/10

Bamboozle are a 50’s influenced rocking band  with a modern sound. Being one of the only bands to have a gal on vocals and rockabilly slap bass  a world class pedal steel player , one of the scenes top rockabilly guitarists and drummers and mesmerising four part harmonies  Bamboozle are the band to see !

Playing a range of 1950’s rockabilly  swing and western swing classics  original songs and arrangements of some modern tunes , Bamboozle are a truly rocking band to dance the night away to.

Red Right Hand, Bamboozle - EP Cover Art

The band consists of:

Serena Sykes – Double Bass/Vocals

Jim Knowler – Guitar/Vocals

Dave Kirk – Pedal Steel  Guitar /Vocals

Shaun o’Keeffe – Drums /Vocals

The new single ‘Just like you’ is taken off the album ‘Red Right Hand’.


‘Red Right Hand’ is a new E.P from 50’s influenced rocking band ‘Bamboozle’. This hit our desk with a big bang and woke the office up to a smile and warm feeling it certainly makes you move. The single ‘Just like you’ is lovely and has amazingly sweet but ruff and ready vocal harmonies and thumping retro Pulp Fiction/Beatles type beats and shimmering bouncy guitars. All we can picture is a roadhouse with some pretty girls drinking milkshakes while eying up The Fonz or Archie…..we love this it’s classic and it hits our Groovy barometer at 10/10. 

Bamboozle online:

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