BRAND NEW MUSIC – Anthem of the Peaceful Army – Greta Van Fleet

All the hate won’t stop them from succeeding

I am a die hard Led Zeppelin fan and honestly, all of this comparing is getting old. People look past the talent and the hard work and scream “WANNABE”. These guys will never be Led Zeppelin, mostly because John Bonham made Led Zeppelin who they were. These guys are Greta Van Fleet, a band that writes their own songs and a band that enjoys playing music. And do yourself a favor and look up the definition of Cover Band. In case you’re too lazy, a cover band is a band with a set list (songs for uneducated people) that consist of the band they are trying to emulate. I have seen a single cover of Led Zeppelin by them on any of their albums. Either way, these guys will grow. And as a die hard Zep fan, I’ll be on the GVF train the whole ride through.