Ameda Tarr also known as ‘Rockworthy’ Unveils ‘Free Love’: A Musical Plea for Compassion in Refugee Crisis

Ameda Tarr also known as ‘Rockworthy’ Unveils ‘Free Love’: A Musical Plea for Compassion in Refugee Crisis

‘Free Love’ is the new single from ‘ROCWORTHY’. The cover art for ROCWORTHY’s new single “Free Love” presents a stark, poignant image of a Congolese child, seemingly alone in a barren landscape that suggests the harsh conditions of a refugee camp. The child’s solitude and the desolation of the surroundings evoke a sense of abandonment and the grim realities refugees face. The title “Free Love” juxtaposed with this image may imply a message of hope, solidarity, or a call to action for love without barriers, even amidst such dire circumstances.

The artwork is profoundly relevant, reflecting the ongoing humanitarian crises worldwide where displacement due to war, conflict, and poverty is a significant issue. The release date of February 14, known globally as Valentine’s Day, could contrast the commercialized celebration of love and the more profound, often neglected forms of love that involve empathy, compassion, and charity towards those in need.

Ameda Tarr, also known as Rocworthy, had an eventful childhood. He was born on April 14, 1995, in Staten Island, New York, and grew up with a younger brother and two older sisters. Ameda’s family moved around a lot, so he attended multiple high schools before graduating from Judge Memorial High School in 2014. He developed a love for music at a young age, learning to play the piano and being influenced by artists like 50 Cent, Fally Ipupa, Kanye West, and Fela Kuti.

Ameda spent a significant part of his childhood in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he formed a close bond with his best friend, Xilliano, and they would spend hours together creating song lyrics and freestyles. Later, Ameda formed a rap collective called “Swaggboiiz” and gained attention in the Congolese community with their first song, “Money Machine.” Ameda’s parents sent him back to the United States in 2010 to focus on his education, and he eventually formed his own label called Always V Pleasure. He gained local media attention and performed as an opening act for various artists. After graduating from the University of Utah, Ameda moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry. He had a unique fashion sense and quickly made connections, including with famous stylist/creative director Kill Nigel. They collaborated on a series of videos that gained popularity online.

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