AFRICA GOES GLOBAL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: South Africa’s ‘Thabo Mogotlane’ of Makarios Financial & Accounting Services talks facts and figures with Groove Magazine

Groove Magazine had the pleasure of meeting up with Thabo Mogotlane of Makarios Financial & Accounting Services in Midrand, South Africa.

Thabo Mogotlane talks in this exclusive interview about his successful and growing career in accounting and financial services in South Africa.

South Africa is currently under the global spotlight with the recent world cup Rugby 2019 win for the Springboks and now global pop and house sensations like ‘Black Coffee’ declaring on TV that Africa is now the growing and more current continent. 

So what’s it like in the financial sectors ? Lets get down to the facts and figures with a man that knows.



What’s your business background ?

“I started working at Kalmeg Investments cc from 2007 as junior Accountant until I became Manager until January 2019 then I started operating from my company which is Makarios Financial & Accounting Services cc from March 2019″  

How did you get into accounting and bookkeeping ?

Mr T Maistry who is an accountant that introduced me into accounting in 2007”

What does your work aim to say ?

“We aim to grow bigger and make our clients happy”

How does your work comment on current social or political issues ?

“Current social”


Who are your biggest influences ?

Mr T Maistry & P Nair who are the accountants, Yogas Reddy and Vince Rajoopaul

How have you developed your career and company ?

“By attending Sage one and CaseWare seminars and Biz facility“

How do you seek out opportunities ?

“Clients referrals, social media advertisement” 

How do you navigate the accounting world ?

“We moved from Pastel desktop to online Sage one

How do you price your services ?

“Depends on kind of work I will be doing”

Which current accounting and bookkeeping  world trends are you following ?

Sage one accounting- Pastel, Prizm and CaseWare

What do want to achieve or what problem are you Solving with this type of business ?

“To make my clients happy, making sure that all taxes are Up-to-date with all my clients”

What is your ultimate goal for yourself and the business ?

“To grow bigger and open another branch and create job opportunities”