Yellow Creatures–Interview and stunning new E.P ‘Spectrum’

‘Spectrum’ is the third EP from Newcastle based Yellow Creatures.

It follows their 2014 release  ‘The Year of Everything & Nothing’  EP, which saw the band being selected to play the BBC 6 Music Festival in 2015 where they were introduced by Tom Robinson.

Yellow Creatures influences range from current pop and alternative artists such as Tame Impala, Solange and Radiohead to the 1960s Musique Concrete of Delia Derbyshire.

After exploring a more synth-driven direction on their 2015 track ‘Calendar Man’ which was included in The Tipping Point blog and received airplay on BBC Introducing, Spectrum’ is the most developed and experimental record Yellow Creatures have released to date.

The seven songs are a collage of found sounds and pop melodies incorporating field recordings, electronic beats, swelling synths and polyrhythmic drums.

Lyrically  ‘Spectrum’ is dreamy and pensive with frontman Marc Bird exploring themes both personal and universal.

‘Last Census’ is a frenzied  pulsating prophecy of what life might be like after the last-ever census on Earth  while ‘Pressing Buttons’ is a shimmering, euphoric ode to how modern technology affects our personal relationships.

The EP will be available to download from on 27th February 2017 and is available now to pre-order along with a free download of lead track ‘Spectrum’


How would you describe your music ?

Futuristic alt-pop, interspersed with ambient synth and found sound textures and polyrhythmic drums

What is your new single about and where did the inspiration come from ?

Our single ‘Spectrum’ is about how the nature of relationships is affected by modern technologies, and how people see the world and themselves differently.

What’s your songwriting method ?

Start with a strong basic idea and develop it in an exciting way.

Where does your name come from ?

We’re named after the character from Mervyn Peake’s children’s book ‘Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor’. He’s a strange humanoid that Captain Slaughterboard captures and becomes obsessed with.

Who is your producer and what studio do you utilise ?

It’s a self-produced EP, with some vital assistance from producers James Armstrong and Peter Slowey of Aquarium Studios Gateshead.

What was the first song you ever played or learnt ?

12:51 by The Strokes

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist or band ?

Finishing a project is always hard because we to lean towards being perfectionists.


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